Age Is A Number NOT A State Of Being

Age Is A Number NOT A State Of Being

(photo: Bette Calman, 89 year old yoga teacher in Australia.  A 2018 article from states she still teaches 11 classes a week!)


I have lost count over the last couple of weeks how many times someone has referenced their age as a reason for something happening (or not happening) in their lives.


I'm in my 50's I guess it's time for my body to fall apart.

If you live long enough you're going to start having problems.

Allergies start in your late 20's.

That's what happens when you get old.

I'm too old for this.

I'm too old to ....(You can fill this one in yourself.  It's usually followed by some physical activity or exercise)


I could go on and on with various examples.  The madness stops here.

Age Is a Number Not A State of Being!!!!!!!!!!!

If you subscribe to the theory that age dictates ability then you have what's called a limiting belief.  We have beliefs about all sorts of things, all of the time. For instance, people, places, things, culture, whether these are good/bad, right/wrong. We judge others.  They judge us.  We use all of these beliefs to construct and build our lives.  These beliefs are used to predict, explain, excuse, create, entertain and comfort.

Taking time to evaluate beliefs is a crucial step in creating the life that you want.  Are these beliefs serving you? Holding you back? Providing an excuse to avoid action or taking responsibility?  You base every decision you make on these beliefs, choose wisely and evaluate often.  Your beliefs are directly related to your self-esteem.  Often, our beliefs have a nasty pattern of inaccuracies and/or biases.

Author and inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant summarizes this beautifully...


                "Everything that happens to us is a reflection of what we believe about ourselves.  We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem, nor draw to ourselves more than we believe we are worth."


The great news is that you can change your mind anytime you want.  In turn, you will change your life.  I encourage you to reflect and evaluate often.  Seek understanding and new ways to create the life you want.  If you identify something that's not working ask "why"?  If you'd like to move better ask "how"? Continue to ask, "What do I need (to do, be, change, learn, understand, etc) to reach my goals?

Still don't believe age is a number?  At age 100, Tao Porchon Lynch continues to teach 6-8 yoga classes a week, travels internationally teaching yoga and is a competitive ballroom dancer.  Her biography is quite fascinating.  She is quite an inspiration and makes no excuses.

Do you think falling apart at 50 is normal? What if, it's just common?  If Tao Porchon Lynch can perform this well at 100, what's your excuse/limiting belief? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you've changed your limiting beliefs.  Share your stories on facebook!